Sunday, October 4, 2015

Riva, a young boy who underwent a tendon transfer to improve his gait.

Riva is a shy young man whose eyes twinkle and close as he smiles.  Paul performed a posterior tibial tendon transfer to improve his gait.  He was all smiles the day after surgery so we thought we'd share a photo and a short video of him here.

Dr. Ron Hillyer and his Auburn medical team !

For the past five days, Dr. Ron Hillyer, hand surgeon  and Dr. Paul Fellers, ortho. surgeon have performed life-changing surgeries for patients at La Vida Surgery  Center in Portoviejo, Ecuador.
Ron's team of 9 professionals left yesterday, Oct 3 while Paul and Flor Fellers will remain until November 7th. to follow up on the patients, examine new patients and operate on another group in two weeks.  More info. to follow. Thank you for keeping up with the work in Ecuador.  We appreciate prayers for great outcomes for the patients as they recover.