Sunday, October 4, 2015

Riva, a young boy who underwent a tendon transfer to improve his gait.

Riva is a shy young man whose eyes twinkle and close as he smiles.  Paul performed a posterior tibial tendon transfer to improve his gait.  He was all smiles the day after surgery so we thought we'd share a photo and a short video of him here.

Dr. Ron Hillyer and his Auburn medical team !

For the past five days, Dr. Ron Hillyer, hand surgeon  and Dr. Paul Fellers, ortho. surgeon have performed life-changing surgeries for patients at La Vida Surgery  Center in Portoviejo, Ecuador.
Ron's team of 9 professionals left yesterday, Oct 3 while Paul and Flor Fellers will remain until November 7th. to follow up on the patients, examine new patients and operate on another group in two weeks.  More info. to follow. Thank you for keeping up with the work in Ecuador.  We appreciate prayers for great outcomes for the patients as they recover.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


We just celebrated the 4th anniversary of the opening of La Vida Surgery Center in Portoviejo, Ecuador.  All of us are grateful for the over 120 volunteers who have served since that time, providing corrective orthopedic surgeries, painting the building, nurturing and loving the patients and in doing so demonstrating Christ's love to them.

La Vida is now a well-recognized non-profit in our area in Ecuador and we have many friends and colleagues in the city of Portoviejo who contribute to the well-being of the patients.

We are excited to celebrate receiving a significant donation from Mr. Flavio Tepper of GIGA in Ecuador and Mr. Miguel Zubizarreta of OnBase in the USA. They have provided a communications network for our building and installed computers and monitors allowing us to visualize digital x-rays in all departments.
This is a fantastic gift and we thank them for their generosity and solidarity.

BMM has directed three volunteer physicians' teams in 2015 thus far and we are preparing for Fall 2015.  In September, Drs. Ron Hillyer and Jim Thomas along with a complete team from East Alabama Medical Center of Auburn, will go to provide hand surgeries and foot surgeries, joined by Paul who will provide orthopedic corrective surgeries.

On September 19, we will hold the 8th annual Jubilee RAce for Life 5K & 1-Mile Fun Run.  Proceeds help fund costs of surgeries and postural wheelchairs for children with cerebral palsy.

In October, there will be a team providing corrective orthopedic surgeries.
This team still needs the help of an instrument scrub tech or nurse
so would appreciate our readers to pass this word along.

The 2016 calendar is being prepared.  There will be teams in Feb. and March,
June, October and November.  Orthopedic surgeons, anesthesia providers and scrub techs needed for each!

Thank you for your interest in this ministry and for your support.
Love in Christ,
Flor and Paul Fellers